Completion of One 1,500TPD Rapeseed Crushing Project
Completion of One 1,500TPD Rapeseed Crushing Project
Completion of One 1,500TPD Rapeseed Crushing Project
Jan 18, 2019

The commissioning of 1,500t/d rapeseed processing line built by Myande has successfully completed. Pressed cakes and oil come out 2 hours after rapeseeds entering preparation plant, and meals and extracted oil come out when pressed cakes cool down and enter the extraction plant for extraction. Operation of all the equipment is stable with good indicators, reaching the designed capacity and technical standards within 72 hours.

Advanced crushing process line, multiple functions, and compact layout
This production line adopts the most advanced and excellent processing technology in the rapeseed crushing and extraction. The complete line, from rapeseed cleaning, weighing, conditioning, cooking, pressing, filtering to extraction, is designed with sufficient consideration of technical requirements of rapeseed and soybean processing technology, energy conservation and environmental protection.

As the project is reconstructed in the original plant building, layout of all the equipment must accommodate the original plant layout, with the complete configuration of process and equipment. After detailed discussion and meticulous design, integrating with processing characteristics of rapeseed and soybean, Myande completed the plant layout. The overall layout of the project is based the basis of two main buildings plan, and the plant’s integral layout is compact considering operation and maintenance, which reduces the costs of investment and operation to a minimum level.

Core equipment manufactured by Myande are stable in operation and reliable in quality

It is always better to make the more one-time initial investment than to spend more on repeated repair work. The stability and reliability of equipment is a prerequisite for creating values and benefits. With the continuous development of oils & fats processing technology and unceasing enhancement of product quality and energy consumption requirements, core equipment plays a key role.

The Oilseed Conditioner, Oilseed Flaker, Horizontal Drum Rotary Cooker, Drag Conveyor, Extractor, DTDC and Evaporative Condenser of this project are self-developed by Myande, and all the above main equipment have passed precise tests of nearly 100 projects and have been well-acknowledged by customers, which can fully soften flakes and stabilize cooking temperature and effects, reliable crushing equipment is a precondition for good products, low energy consumption and stable operation in the whole project, especially the flaker and horizontal drum conditioner are the most important.

What’s more, rapeseed flaking is different from soybean, uniform flakes, no material leakage and stable productivity are the key control points of the flaker. Cooking temperature and intensity of rapeseed flakes play a crucial role in the quality of cakes and the quantity of oil. The temperature of cooker manufactured by Myande can be adjusted from 95 ℃ to 110 ℃ at any time according to different production requirements, which provide a fundamental and favorable guarantee for customers in stabilizing product quality and reducing production costs.

Presses imported from Germany feature high capacity, efficiency and low energy consumption

This production line adopts HF oil presses imported from Germany, as domestic oils & fats projects rarely use the imported press, so after sufficient argumentation and detailed comparison, Zhonghe finally chose two imported oil presses according to achieve the capacity of 1,500t/d for this project.

The oil press fully demonstrated their superiority after starting production, and the capacity of single press stabilizes at above 750t/d, with advantages such as space-saving, flexibility with moisture of oilseeds, good shape of cakes, and most important of all, cake oil residual as low as 17%, which greatly improves the quantity of pressed oil and reduce the load of extraction plant. The most important feature of HF oil press is that the service life of spare parts can be up to 48 months, which brings great convenience to the production management and maintenance and greatly reduces the maintenance cost.

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