The 300TPD flaxseed processing and MLCT flaxseed oil production line undertaken by Myande Group includes raw material input and output system, flaxseed oil extraction and refining systems, MLCT flaxseed oil biological transesterification system, packaging and logistics system, and whole-plant intelligence and product traceability system. It is the world's largest comprehensive flaxseed processing facility.
The flaxseed processing facility features intelligence, informatization and digitization. It adopts the world's pioneering flaxseed dehulling and low & high temperature physical pressing process, flaxseed oil physical refining, and MLCT flaxseed oil low-temperature bio-refining process. Incorporating world's most advanced pressing equipment from Europe and core equipment manufactured by Myande, this facility presents advanced processing technology, low production cost and excellent product parameters. Thus, it provides a nice demonstration of the forefront of global oilseed and flaxseed processing industry.
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