Application of 3D Technology Accelerates the Construction of Biological Feed Additives Project
Application of 3D Technology Accelerates the Construction of Biological Feed Additives Project
Application of 3D Technology Accelerates the Construction of Biological Feed Additives Project
Feb 3, 2021
Online review of project design
Fangchenggang Ausca Oil Company has recently established a joint laboratory with Jiangnan University’s National Engineering Laboratory for Cereal Fermentation Technology. This new laboratory is aimed at developing biological feed strain breeding and research in production technology and its industrial application. Ausca Biological Feed Additives project is one example of the industrial application of the research results of the joint laboratory.

The intelligent equipment line, with an annual output of 50,000 tons of biological feed additives, is supplied by Myande. Myande’s scope of work includes complete process of raw material receiving, mixing, anaerobic fermentation, drying and cooling, crushing and packaging. Eight intelligent rectangular fermentation beds and a sealing system are equipped to achieve the purpose of anaerobic fermentation, as well as the automatic material placing machine and discharging machine to realize automatic production. In addition, the fluidized bed drying tower which is newly designed by Myande is adopted in the drying section, which can meet the process requirements of large-output drying.

During the design process of Ausca fermentation project, Myande design team worked closely to complete the entire design task with high quality within a tight schedule. During the construction of the project, when the overall completion of the project reaches 30%, 60% and 90% of the design nodes, the process, civil engineering and 3D design team will jointly review the model of the entire factory. In this way, problems and difficulties in the design can be discovered in time, then reasonable improvement measures can be taken, and continuous optimization of the factory process can be realized during the design process.

Considering the convenience of operation after the actual establishment of the factory, Myande has adopted a new 5G+VR technology to achieve the purpose of simulation operation. Usually, the entire designed factory is firstly transformed into a virtual reality scene. The designer simulates the actual operation process in the virtual factory, scientifically analyzes whether the operation is convenient, and performs fault simulation to verify the design ideas in an all-round way. The immersive review mode can often help designers to find and improve the details that are not easily noticeable in the drawings that affect the convenience of actual operations. Customers can also participate in the review during the design process through VR technology and have an intuitive experience of the factory. The series of technology methods are widely taken to ensure the quality of projects.

Coming to the construction stage, in order to seamlessly link design and construction, Myande also innovatively adopted the BIM construction schedule function, which can show the actual construction situation of the entire project at different time nodes through an intuitive model display method. It can also be dynamically adjusted according to the actual construction progress.

The construction of the project will boost the development of Fangchenggang's grain and oil processing industry and effectively promote the transformation and upgrade of the industry. Myande adopts the most advanced fermentation technology with strong design capability and project management system to help Ausca biological feed additives project become a benchmark in the industry.

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