Successful Launch Of A 100,000 T/A Glucose Processing Facility

Oct 24, 2022

The 100,000-ton-per-year glucose processing equipment line supplied by Myande for Heilongjiang Nuopu Biotechnology Co., Ltd was officially put into operation. Within a few days after its start-up, the complete equipment line reached its designed capacity, meeting all technical parameters required by the downstream fermentation plant.


Heilongjiang Nuopu Biotechnology Co., Ltd. is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Dalian Yinuo Biotechnology Co., Ltd. Founded in 2003, Dalian Yinuo has developed into an internationally renowned supplier of nutritional materials. Starch sugar engineering is one of the important business segments of Myande Group. After years of accumulation of technology and experience in the field of starch sugar, Myande has developed a set of production design system with high automation, stable operation and stable product quality. In recent years, Myande has successfully established long-term cooperative relations with many first-class enterprises at home and abroad. Nuopu Biotechnology chose Myande over three well-known suppliers in the industry after comparisons.


Based on the customer's needs, and drawing up many years of professional engineering experience, Myande provided complete engineering services and effectively helped the customer to achieve its goal of "reducing costs, ensuring high quality, and improving efficiency".


1. Strong engineering integration capability

During the whole project implementation process, Myande provided single-source services from process and layout design and civil design in the early stage to product intelligent manufacturing and strategic procurement in the middle stage, and then to installation and commissioning and production training in the later stage. This type of care-free package service made the glucose workshop unit the fastest construction and smoothest commissioning of all the units in the project.


2. Advanced process and R&D technology

Myande provides process, 3D and R&D technology design for the entire production line. Customers only need to inform the raw material index and product requirements, and Myande can provide the best process production route, the most reasonable and beautiful equipment and piping arrangement.


3. Intelligent and efficient manufacturing system

Myande has an advanced intelligent manufacturing system, strong production capacity and perfect quality control system. Myande has advanced intelligent processing equipment such as intelligent warehouse, laser cutting machine, machining center, CNC lathe and welding robot, ensuring high quality and efficiency in the manufacturing process.


4. Intelligent automatic control

Myande has a professional automation technology team, which can achieve a seamless connection with the process technology team and customers. The liquefaction and saccharification of this production line are full automatic controlled, automatically adjusting the starch milk concentration and pH, and automatically adding liquefaction enzymes and saccharification enzymes to achieve continuous and stable production operation and ensure the quality of the product syrup.


5. Professional on-site construction team

Myande has its own professional equipment, piping and electrical construction team, on-site project managers, process and electrical engineers and other professional and technical personnel to ensure that the construction is carried out according to the drawings and the project is completed on time with quality.


Before the commissioning with water of the production line, the technical team of both sides communicated with each other, and on the basis of fully considering the process requirements, combined with their own production experience, made the production line to a new height in the industry and fully prepared the whole line for a successful commissioning. At present, the production line is running smoothly and the capacity and product indicators are in line with the requirements of the technical agreement. The successful commissioning of the production line would not have been possible without the joint efforts of both Nuopu Biotechnology and Myande.


Today, with the vigorous development of health industry, Yinuo Biotechnology adheres to the tenet of "collecting natural essence and creating green health", is committed to becoming an outstanding enterprise in the field of nutrition and health leading by science and technology. With the service concept of "passion, precision and integrity", Myande "creates high-quality mechanical products and complete solutions that enable our clients to succeed ". The sincere cooperation between Myande and Yinuo Biotechnology will definitely add fuel to the development of global food nutrition industry.


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Annual Output 120,000 Tons Corn Starch Processing Line
Annual Output 100,000 Tons Glucose Production Line