100TPD Soybean Meal Fermentation Project

Oct 24, 2022

In July 2016, a soybean meal fermentation line supplied by Myande Group for Zhejiang Cofine Biotech Inc. Ltd was put into production. It is expected that the successful completion of this project will accelerate Cofine’s pace of strategy development and enhance Myande’s market recognition in the solid fermentation engineering industry. It represents one milestone in Myande’s achievements in accelerating sustainable and healthy development of green animal feed industry.


Initiated by Dr. Zhang Tingzhou, Zhejiang Cofine Biotech Inc. Ltd. is a technology-intensive corporation playing a leading role in producing fermented functional protein. Drawing on reliable research results of MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology), Zhejiang University, and China Academy of Agricultural Sciences, and Institute of Microbiology of China Academy, Cofine has focused on microbial fermentation and bioengineering. The company’s mission is to reduce the cost of feed, advance animal husbandry, and improve the quality of related produces.


Fermentation engineering is an emerging core business of Myande. In recent years, “Myande” has developed into a widely recognized professional brand in the solid fermentation industry in China. Myande fermentation engineering has the following features:


Integrated Solutions

With strong integrative engineering capabilities, Myande provides its clients with complete package engineering services that cover site planning, civil design, process design, equipment R&D and supply, installation, commissioning, staff training, and after-sale service. With this comprehensive package, Myande is in a good position to ensure efficient and effective implementation of the whole project.


First-class Mechanical Manufacture

Myande always insists on the concept of “excellent manufacture”. Equipped with heavy-duty CNC lathes, laser cutting machine, pentahedron machining centers, welding robots intelligent warehouse, Myande ensures first-class quality and reliability of all machinery products.


Three-Dimensional Design

Myande is unique in the fermentation engineering industry in that it adopts advanced 3D technology in project design, which provides the client with remarkable benefits that include clear, accurate, and visualized presentation of plant overall structure, equipment layout, and piping system. Compared with traditional two-dimensional design, three- dimensional design provides more accurate positioning of equipment and piping, thus effectively avoiding interference between civil construction and equipment, shortening installation time, and improving installation efficiency.


Customer Oriented Service

Myande provides clients with mature and highly individualized solutions and process equipment based upon their specific needs and requirements. Myande fermentation equipment include rectangular trough fermentation bed, rectangular fermentation machine with controllable temperature and humidity, circular fermentation tower, and circular fermentation machine. Custom-made drying equipment include tube dryer, live drying tower, and circulation dryer.


Automatic Control System

Myande’s fermentation engineering services include design and supply of sophisticated automatic control system that enables precise adjustment of process parameters on the computer screen. Myande control system enables its clients to reduce labor cost and improve productivity.

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