200TPD Sunflower Seed And Cotton Seed Oil Refinery Plant

Oct 25, 2022

200TPD Sunflower Seed And Cotton Seed Oil Refinery Plant

"This is the clearest edible oil in Uzbekistan!" Recently, the largest local TV station in Uzbekistan ran a report of the launch of a latest production line of a local edible oil processing plant. This program attracted broad attention of all circles in Uzbekistan.


This 200 t/d vegetable oil refining production line, designed and supplied by Myande Group started stable production.


According to the report, the new oil refinery plant (constructed by Myande) is now successfully operating and is one of the largest facilities of its kind in Uzbekistan. Its capacity is 200 t/d and with a total bottle-filling capacity of 500 t/d.


“By end of March, we supplied 200-250 tons of edible oil to the market every day, and the current capacity is 350 - 400 t/d”, said the plant production manager to the reporter.


Most of the existing oils & fats processing plants in Uzbekistan were built in the Soviet Union times and most of them suffer from chronical problems such as unstable operation and unsatisfactory product specifications. The successful launch of this new facility has comprehensively enhanced the customer's market competitiveness and will continue to expand its market share. At the same time, it also provides jobs and creates good economic benefits for the region.


This project will serve as a "wind vane" for the industrial upgrading of Uzbekistan's edible oil processing industry, and will help promote the transformation and development of Uzbekistan's edible oil industry. On the other hand, it has provided another indication of Myande's response to the national "Belt and Road" initiative and its "Going global" strategy, and has set up another example of Myande's efforts to provide safe edible oil to countries along the Belt and Road.


sunflower seed and cotton seed oil refinery plant supplied by Myande

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