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400TPD Corn Germ Crushing Line

Oct 25, 2022

400TPD corn germ crushing line

In March 2019, the SDIC Tieling 400T/D corn germ crushing line built by Myande was completed and successfully commissioned.


Corn germ has unique characteristics, so its processing technology is completely different from other oilseeds. This equipment line is designed to extract oil from corn germ yielded from corn dry de-germination process.


Characteristics of corn germ as oilseeds include low purity and high protein. Germ meal, on the other hand has strong tendency of agglomeration and gelatinization in the desolventizing process. Taking these features into full consideration, Myande engineering team developed a highly customized process design that meet guarantees maximum efficiency in producing qualified finished products.


Years of Project Implementation Experience

After 16 years of rapid development, Myande has successively undertaken more than ten corn germ oil processing projects. With proprietary technology based on the characteristics of raw materials and in combination with customer needs, Myande has formed an optimal customized solution that guarantees smooth project implementation and reliable performance.


Quality Assurance of Core Equipment

The effective flaking process plays a decisive role in oil yield. The new flaking mill independently developed by Myande, incorporating European rolls and other core components, features minimized noise and low vibration. The flake thickness flakes can be easily controlled within 0.30 to 0.35 mm range. PLC automatic control system reduces the dependence on labor and proficiency. Combined with the advanced crushing process, the new flaking mill can significantly reduce the residual oil content in meal.


Myande new horizontal drum rotary cooker has the advantage of 360 degree rotation without dead angle, which truly solves the problem of poor heating effect and high energy consumption, and also reduces power consumption. The cooking time can be adjusted and the discharge temperature can also be adjusted from 75 to 105℃.


Fine 3D Design for Precise Installation

The project adopts a full three-dimensional design, which effectively eliminates equipment collision and optimizes equipment layout, operation and maintenance space to the greatest extent. From the installation mode to the assembly mode, the project implementation cycle is shortened while saving unnecessary additional investment in the civil steel structure.


Careful Planning, Strict Implementation

The project adopts the implementation cycle plan to implement project management, with the focus on “improving quality, shortening delivery time and improving efficiency”, to solve the problem of cross-operation of projects and ensure the smooth completion of follow-up operation. The equipment are shipped in real-time monitoring, and the actual dynamics are mastered to ensure that the equipment is delivered to the customer in a timely and non-destructive manner.

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