5,000TPD Soybean Crushing Plant Starts Production

Jan 10, 2023

The 2nd phase of the soybean crushing plant of Heibei company, with an annual processing capacity of 1.65 million tons (5,000TPD), was successfully commissioned. Most of the major equipment incorporated in this new facility supplied by Myande.

5000TPD Jiahao soybean crushing plant 5000TPD Jiahao soybean crushing plant

Recently, the 2nd phase project of Heibei Co., Ltd. was put into trial operation. The company's annual sales revenue will exceed 10 billion.


In the packaging plant, barrels of soybean oil are packed 24-hour non-stop by fully automatic machinery. In the extraction plant, workers are commissioning the equipment and striving to achieve production requirements.


Hebei company, covering 3 hectares, is a wholly-owned subsidiary invested by America top company, mainly producing edible soybean oil and soybean meal for feed.


The first phase of project consists of a 1.06 million T/A soybean meal and 0.33 million tons of vegetable oil refinery production line, a 100,000-ton general bulk cargo wharf berth and related facilities. The wharf is designed with the annual capacity of 2.35 million tons, which is the only designated port of import grain in Huanghua port.


In 2020, Hebei company invested the construction of 2nd phase project, to contribute a 1.65 million T/A (5,000TPD) soybean processing line, a 0.33 million T/A vegetable oil refining line, and two vegetable oil packaging lines of 0.27 million tons and related facilities, this project has been completed in October this year.

5000TPD Jiahao soybean crushing plant 5000TPD Jiahao soybean crushing plant

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