Xi'an Bangqi 3,000TPD Soybean Crushing Project

Oct 24, 2022

3,000TPD soybean crushing project

In May 2020, Myande Group won the bid for the 1-million-ton-per-annum soybean processing upgrade project of Xi'an Bangqi Oil Technology Co., Ltd. The new soybean crushing facility will make use of Bangqi's current 1,500 TPD plant to increase its production capacity and reduce its energy consumption.


Determination of Upgrade Scale

Xi'an Bangqi Oil Technology Co., Ltd. was founded in 2001. The company has a complete set of production line for raw material storage, logistics, oilseed crushing, oil refining and packaging. After 20 years of the development of China edible oil industry, in order to comply with the development of the industry and enhance the vitality of the enterprise, Xi'an Bangqi decided to eliminate the existing technically out-of-date 1,500t/d soybean crushing line and build a new 3,000t/d soybean crushing line on the basis of the original workshop by upgrading its equipment for the purpose of further improving the company's position in the industry in Western China.


Formulating the Project Plan

The project is different from a new construction project. It needs to dismantle the original equipment and make full use of the original land and architectural foundation, warehousing logistics, packaging and shipping, and supporting facilities. After the two parties had many exchanges on the latest process technology in the industry, Myande worked out a comprehensive three-dimensional simulation design for the project, and detailed design and analysis of general plan logistics and workshop equipment layout. In addition, Myande has conducted full demonstration and detailed calculation of equipment configuration, to achieve the most reasonable layout and the highest efficiency.


Sincere Cooperation and Rapid Implementation

If the project implementation time is too long, the shutdown will affect the Bangqi’s current operation, resulting in the loss of customers and market. The construction difficulty and complexity of the project are much higher than that of a green field project. In order to deliver the project on time, Myande project team still sticked to their jobs during the Spring Festival. In the whole process of project construction, Myande excellent project managers and delivery managers formulated reasonable installation plans according to the customer's goals and revised the plans in real time according to the actual situation. From plant installation, commissioning to trial operation, each stage was completed within the target time. Myande has created a new record with the shortest time for a upgraded project, and truly implemented the "customer-centric" concept.


From Tradition to Modernity

Through the joint efforts of Bangqi and Myande, the old factory constructed 20 years ago was reborn and turned into a modern factory, which was presented to everyone with a brand-new look. The core equipment of the production line is independently developed by Myande, including Cracker, Flaker, E-type Extractor, DTDC and etc. According to the feedback from authoritative users, the power consumption per ton of processed material of Myande Flaker is at the international leading level under the premise of the same quality and output of flake. At the same time, Myande sophisticated manufacturing and intelligent control system ensure lower equipment operation cost.


Myande CCJL series of reclaimer is also incorporated into this project. It is the core equipment of Myande reclaiming system which is specially designed for discharging bulk materials, such as soybean meal, rapeseed meal and etc. Its advantages include high safety and reliability, high efficiency, low power consumption, and flexible arrangement of feeding and discharging. Myande reclaimer has been operating stably since it was put into market in 2016. The cost-effective reclaimer can truly maximize the benefits of customers and is the best choice for bulk material reclaim system.


In full response to the national appeal, the production line adopts the latest energy-saving technology, including extractor negative pressure draining technology, DC hot air heat recovery technology, and various emission control technologies so that various consumption indicators are significantly lower than the ones of original production line. At the same time, the use of Myande's intelligent control system has made the control level of the entire production line a subversive improvement compared to the original one in terms of manual utilization, convenient operation, equipment stability and safety.


Through the efforts of both parties, the no-load test and linkage commissioning of the entire production line have been completed, and recently the trial production has proceeded smoothly. After the completion of the project, it will greatly improve Bangqi's market competitiveness.


3,000TPD soybean crushing plant by Myande

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