6,000TPD Soybean Crushing Plant Successfully Putting into Operation

Jan 10, 2023

6,000TPD soybean crushing plant

On December 10, Qingdao Bohi Dongjiakou 6,000tpd soybean preparation and extraction production line undertaken by Myande Group was successfully put into operation. In terms of capacity, this is the largest single production line in China in operation. At the same time, compared with similar facilities, this new crushing line boasts markedly improvement in product stability, energy conservation and environmental protection, intelligent manufacturing, etc. Qingdao Bohi Dongjiakou Grain and Oil Industry Co., Ltd. is located in Dongjiakou Port, Qingdao West Coast New Area, which is invested and controlled by Shandong Bohai Industry Group. Starting from a cooking oil refining plant, Bohi Industry gradually formed two industrial chains: grain and oil processing and cellulosic fiber manufacturing. Since 2009, in cooperation with international engineering companies, Bohi Industry has built a 2,500tpd soybean crushing line in Boxing County of Shandong Province, two 6,000tpd soybean crushing lines in Qingdao Port and a 6,000tpd soybean crushing line in Beihai City and Zhanjiang City respectively, forming a soybean processing capacity of nearly 10 million tons per year. With good performances, Bohi Industry was awarded successively as one of the "China’s Top 500 Enterprises", one of the "Top 500 Manufacturing Enterprises in China" and one of the "Top 10 Edible Oil Enterprises in China's Food Industry".


Customized Design

Since the early stage of communication, Myande team has always focused on the needs and values of the customer. In consideration of some drawbacks existing in Bohi’s old 6,000tpd soybean production line and the development trend of the industry, Myande presented a more reasonable design scheme and complete service guarantee system, and truly made the customer choose easy.

6000TPD Soybean Crushing Plant 6000TPD Soybean Crushing Plant


6000TPD Soybean Crushing Plant 6000TPD Soybean Crushing Plant


Intelligent Manufacturing

The core equipment incorporated in this new crushing line, including crackers, flakers, E-type extractor, DTDC, etc., are Myande products with independent intellectual property rights of Myande Group. In particular, the control system of the flaker is integrated with the control system of preparation plant, which makes the operation more convenient and the technical indicators more controllable, also, according to the feedback from authoritative users, under the premise of same quality and output, the power consumption per ton of Myande Flaker is at the international leading level; The intelligent manufacturing ensures good product quality, low energy consumption and stable operation of the equipment during the whole project implementation.


A World-class Example of Carbon Neutrality

Oriented toward the goal of "Carbon Neutrality", the plant adopts numerous latest energy saving technology, negative pressure drainage technology of E-type extractor, and DC hot air heat recovery technology to ensure the lowest energy consumption index. By adopting advanced environmental protection technology, the exhaust gas of the project is purified and the discharge standard exceeds the expected level, at the same time, the plant has also realized zero waste water discharge.

Message from the Chairman
5,000TPD Soybean Crushing Plant Starts Production