COFCO 3,000TPD Rapeseed 5,000TPD Soybean Crushing Project

Oct 24, 2022

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On September 1, 2020, an E-type extractor and a DTDC, which possess Myande’s independent intellectual property rights, were delivered to COFCO Donghai Grain and Oil Industry (Zhangjiagang) Co., Ltd., marking the start of installation of COFCO's largest multi-seeds crushing line (3,000t/d rapeseed and 5,000t/d soybean).


COFCO Donghai is COFCO’s key important oilseed processing base. COFCO currently runs 4 complete soybean and rapeseed processing lines with different capacities. They were without exception supplied by foreign companies. This fifth crushing line, with capacity of 3,000t/d rapeseed and 5,000t/d soybean, is the largest in terms of capacity. The procurement of the equipment for this crushing line was carried out by international competitive bidding. After careful evaluation of technology and performance, COFCO finally selected Myande to provide engineering, equipment, and automation control system for this crushing line.


Core equipment of the entire production line is manufactured by Myande. E-type extractor and DTDC have independent intellectual property rights. The electricity consumption of Myande flaker and cracker with stable performance is about 12% lower than that of similar products from other suppliers. Internationally advanced conveying equipment such as Myande’s loop chain conveyor and spent meal drag conveyor are incorporated. The loop chain conveyor will provide COFCO with a more efficient and integrated layout design and realizes multi-point feeding and multi-point discharging. Myande elevation drag conveyor can achieve zero material return. Figures from numerous tests show that it saves about 10% of electricity compared with the previous structure.


After in-depth discussions by both parties, the entire project was carefully designed by Myande engineers, and energy saving and consumption reduction were considered in the process and equipment design to reduce customer costs. After the two parties' joint review of the process and three-dimensional design, a precise construction plan was determined.


As the largest grain and oil processing enterprise in China, COFCO is committed to building an entire industrial chain from field to table, providing people with nutritious and healthy food. With the sincere cooperation of COFCO and Myande, a model factory will be built featuring energy-saving and healthy development of the grain and oil industry.


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3,000TPD Soybean And Rapeseed Crushing Project
3,000TPD Rapeseed And Soybean Crushing Plant