200T/D Vegetable Oil Refinery Plant Launched In Egypt

Oct 25, 2022

200T/D Vegetable Oil Refinery Plant Launched In Egypt

A 200T/D vegetable oil refinery plant in Egypt supplied by Myande was recently put into operation and has been running smoothly. This new refinery, owned by an integrated grain & oil processing company, located in Egypt. The successful launch of this refinery facility has created nearly 1,000 jobs in China and Egypt, and it is viewed as one more benchmark turnkey project supplied by Myande in Africa.

After years of accumulation of technology and experience in the field of oils & fats engineering, Myande has developed a full supply chain with high automation, stable operation and stable product quality. In recent years, Myande has successfully established long-term cooperative relations with many first-class enterprises at home and abroad.


1. Strong engineering and integration capability

During the whole project implementation process, Myande provided one-stop services including process design, layout plan design, civil engineering, manufacturing and supply of equipment, installation and commissioning, and staff training. This type of care-free package service has met with complete satisfaction from the customer.


vegetable oil refinery plant vegetable oil refinery plant 3D design


2. Advanced process technology

In response to the customer's need for a refining line capable of processing a wide variety of crude oils of varying quality, Myande developed a tailor-made process to ensure that the refined oils meet the requirements for exporting to Europe.

Numerous latest technologies are incorporated into this project. These include process water recycling, pre-bleaching, dry freezing and vacuum condensation, variable temperature deodorization, high concentration VE collecting, cleaner steam supply etc. These technologies ensure that the production line has less sewage, low consumption of soft water, clay and steam, and low trans-fatty acids, glycidyl ester (GE) and trichloropropanol ester (3-MCPD).


vegetable oil refinery plant


3. Intelligent and efficient manufacturing system

Myande has over 100,000 square meters of advanced intelligent manufacturing base, ensuring high-quality equipment and providing assurance and support for the project's successful start-up and stable operation.


Myande intelligent manufacture base Myande deodorizer


4. Professional on-site construction team

Despite the raging COVID-19 epidemic, Myande engineers brave the risks and continue working on this project in Egypt.

Before commissioning the production line, the technical team of both sides carefully checked each process and repeatedly tested each function, fully prepared the whole line for successful commissioning. At present, the production line is running smoothly and the capacity and product indicators are in line with the requirements of the technical agreement. The successful commissioning of the production line will certainly contribute to the rapid development of the oils & fats industry in Africa and lay a more solid foundation for Myande to grow into a globally respectable market leader in various specialized fields.


vegetable oil refinery plant

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