Energy-Saving And Emission Reduction Reconstruction For Edible Oil Mill

Oct 25, 2022

In recent years, following the development trend of oils & fats processing industry, Jiushan Group launched a series of initiatives aimed to reconstruct its factories to improve environmental performances by reducing energy consumption and reducing emission.


In October 2017, Jiusan Group commissioned Myande Group to carry out the technological renovation program in Guangxi Huiyu factory to save energy, reduce consumption and emission. After successful completion of this program, both power and steam consumption has been greatly reduced. In particular, steam consumption of the DC alone reduced by 10 kg.


In March 2018, Jiusan Group conducted bidding process for similar technical modifications aimed at improving environmental performance for 5 production lines located in Dalian, Tianjin, Tieling, and Changchun. The major objectives of these programs include recovery of waste heat from DC and reduction of dust and offensive odour emission. Myande through the bidding process was awarded contracts for all five programs.


DTDC is used for high-temperature desolventizing in the extraction plant while DT removes solvent from the wet meals with vapor. To ensure better storage and transportation of meals, it is always necessary to dry and cool the meal safe moisture and temperature. Normally, moisture should be within 12 ~ 13% range and the temperature should be less than 40 ℃ (or no 10 ℃ more than ambient temperature).


When drying meals, the moisture in hot meals will vaporize with the blowing of hot air, thus forming wet air with high moisture, usually range from 13% to 17%, and the temperature is 75 ~ 85 ℃. A large number of fishy flavor substances and dusts are contained in the wet air. From cyclone, small dust particles less than 25μm still will be discharged, taking away a lot of thermal energy and causing heat loss and environmental pollution.


With the expansion of oil seeds crushing factory, the exhaust emission from DC as the key point of heat energy loss in extraction plant is becoming a serious air pollution source. To solve the problem of exhaust gas pollution, coordinate environmental protection and production, at the same time, balance environmental governance and production benefits, Myande has developed a number of patent technologies for DC hot air waste heat utilization and deodorization (patent number:

CN201320760659.8;CN201420685756. X; CN201520639876.0), which not only comprehensively control DC and other wet and dusty gases, but also recycle thermal energy.


At present, many production lines are running smoothly in China, which has been well received by customers. The waste heat scrubbing tower developed and manufactured by Myande is the core equipment of the process, which adopts washing water and hot vapor to conduct back-flushing for heat exchange. The anti-blocking grid packing mechanism will not only increase the heat transfer efficiency and prevent the internal blockage, but also effectively remove the dust from the DC exhaust and reduce the fishy flavor of the exhaust.


Energy-Saving And Emission Reduction Reconstruction For Edible Oil Mill

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