Myande Undertakes 6,000TPD Soybean Crushing Project

Sep 19, 2022

Sama Al Manar and Myande signed a contract by which Myande will undertake for Sama Al Manar a 6,000TPD(2*3000TPD) Soybean Crushing project at beginning of August 2021. Sama Al Manar will own the largest soybean crushing plant in Iraq in near future.


Sama Al Manar is the one of the partnership company of Tiryaki A.Ş. Since 1965, Tiryaki has evolved into the sector leader in Turkey processing agricultural products such as pulses, grains, nuts, organics, feed and oilseeds with an exemplary supply chain.


The procurement of the equipment for this crushing line was carried out by international competitive bidding. Tiryaki business principles rest on “Good People, Good Earth” who strive to leave a better country for future generations. After careful evaluation of technology and performance, Tiryaki A.S. finally selected Myande to provide engineering, equipment, and automation control system for the 6,000TPD(2*3000TPD) soybean crushing line.

Now, the project is in the equipment manufacturing process.


From the beginning of the bidding process, Myande Group’s technical team understands the customer’s needs and projects in the best possible way, and ensures that the process is carried out in accordance with the customer’s requirements.

After in-depth discussions between the two parties, the entire project was carefully designed by Myande engineers, considering energy saving, environmental friendliness, intelligent control, and the possibility of future sustainable development in the process and equipment design.


Thanks to the sincere cooperation between Tiryaki A.S., Sama al Manar and Myande Group and the high degree of compatibility of the development concepts of both parties, the "good people" of both parties will surely build energy-saving, intelligent and environmentally friendly model factories in the near future, providing new ideas for building a "good earth".

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