Wilmar (Taizhou) 600TPD Rice Oil Turnkey Project

Oct 25, 2022

rice bran oil turnkey project

The development of rice oil industry in recent years has attracted global attention. Rice oil is high-quality natural and healthy edible oil. In addition to supplementing the nutrients needed by the human body, it has the inherent advantages of nice compatibility with Asian diets and cooking habits. Rich rice bran resources in China and Southeast Asia provide a sufficient material basis for the development of China’s rice oil industry. In the context of global consumption upgrades, "eating good and healthy oil" has become a global consumption trend. Therefore, rice oil, which is both healthy and delicious, will lead the development of high-end edible oil industry. Wilmar has been working tirelessly for people’s healthy diet, and its’ rice oil has successfully entered the international market. Wilmar has created a unique rice circular economy model in China and established multiple ecological bases to produce high-quality rice while providing high-quality rice bran raw materials for producing rice bran oil. After several inspections of Myande R&D and manufacturing facilities as well as in-depth technical discussions with Myande, Wilmar has signed two contracts with Myande for 600 tons/day rice oil turnkey projects in Taizhou and Panjin. For both projects, Myande provided process design, equipment manufacture, installation, commissioning and other engineering services. The two parties cooperated closely in strict accordance with the requirements of the contract and completed the construction of the project on schedule and put it into production smoothly. All indicators have reached the contract requirements, and the plants have been delivered to customer.


Quality assurance, leading technology

Myande has many years of research and project implementation experience in rice bran oil technology while Wilmar has many years of experience in rice bran oil processing. The two parties have jointly led the rice oil industry to a higher level. During the entire process of project implementation, Myande and Wilmar conducted many professional technical exchanges on process design, equipment layout, automatic control and other aspects. Myande has customized process routes and product plans based on market characteristics and customer needs to ensure the completion of a modern production line that is internationally leading, customer-satisfied and adapts to the market.


Stable operation, quality-oriented

With the development of edible oil processing technology and the increasing requirements for product quality and energy consumption, the stability of equipment plays a vital role. Myande is committed to providing excellent process solutions, and has strict requirements on the quality of equipment manufacturing. The stability and reliability of equipment are prerequisites for creating value and benefits. Myande has an industry-leading manufacturing platform, with a manufacturing workshop area of nearly 80,000 square meters, covering cutting, machining, welding, painting, assembly, packaging and other sections. Three high-power laser cutting machines, modern machining equipment, gantry machining center, welding robots and other advanced processing equipment ensure the accuracy of each component. Sandblasting, rust removing, pickling ceramicization, and powder coating ensure the painting quality of equipment. Myande complete quality control system and quality control methods have also been fully recognized by Wilmar.


Integrated solution, perfect delivery

Myande has established a good cooperative relationship with Wilmar since its establishment, but it is only limited to providing equipment. The project is a complete turnkey project, including process design, equipment manufacturing, installation, commissioning and etc. It also reflects Wilmar’s recognition of Myande’s high-quality and fast delivery capabilities after years of inspection. The greatest benefit of the complete turnkey project to the customer is fast delivery, which greatly shortens the project construction cycle, and achieves rapid investment and rapid return.


Wilmar rice bran oil plant by Myande

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