Recently, Shaanxi First Co.’s bio-fermentation feed project with an annual output of 50,000 tons undertaken by Myande Group was successfully completed and accepted. Product indicators met or exceeded the contract requirements.

Helping Customer Become Industry Leader

First Biotechnology Co., Ltd. is located in Yangling, Shaanxi, a demonstration zone for high-tech agricultural industries in China. Relying on powerful scientific research platform of Northwest Agriculture and Forestry University and long-term investment and scientific research of the R&D team, the company produces microbial fermented feed and additives which are well received by users. In order to meet market demand and further promote the development and promotion of microbial fermented feed and additives, the company decided to invest in a new bio-fermentation production line with an annual output of 50,000 tons to comply with the development of the industry.

Low Temperature Drying - Live Dryer

During technical communication, First Biotechnology Co., Ltd. put forward the requirement of low-temperature drying and retaining a certain amount of live bacteria in the product. To meet this requirement, Myande chose a patented live dryer for low-temperature drying purpose. The live dryer can achieve low-temperature drying, and the material is in a completely fluidized state in the dryer. The hot air can be used repeatedly for saving energy. In the end, through the joint efforts of the company and Myande, the dried product retains a number of live bacteria with the magnitude of 108, which is far higher than expected, and the energy consumption is also far below the industry average.
The market is the only standard for inspecting products, and the live bacteria products produced by the company are selling well.
  • Live Dryer
  • Fermentation Bed
  • Fermentation Bed
“Myande Is Our Right Choice”
In addition to low-temperature drying equipment, Myande’s advanced automatic batching and inoculation system improves the degree of automation of the system and the uniformity of inoculation. The fermentation section adopts a fully automated feeding and discharging system to ensure stable and continuous feeding and discharging. And it can achieve first-in first-out, reduce the risk of contamination, and ensure the quality and stability of fermentation products. The complete set of fermentation and drying equipment provided by Myande has been highly praised by the customer. "It was an absolutely correct decision to choose Myande as our partner", the customer said sincerely.

Myande Promotes Industry Development in "Antibiotics-Free" Era

China is the largest country in the breeding industry and the largest use of antibiotics around the world. While antibiotics promote the development of the breeding industry, they have also caused many problems such as bacterial resistance, drug residues and allergic poisoning. Since July 1, 2020, feed manufacturers have stopped producing commercial feed containing growth-promoting drugs (except for Chinese medicine). Following the European Union, Japan, and South Korea, the feed industry in China has fully entered the era of "antibiotic-free".

Biological fermentation is one of the effective alternatives in the antibiotic era. The fermented feed materials, such as fermented soybean meal and fermented yeast culture, have attracted more and more attention from experts and enterprises. As a supplier of complete sets of equipment for the fermentation of feed materials, Myande has provided more than 30 biological fermentation production lines for the industry.
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