Inactivating and Drying Solutions for Feed and Grain Processing Industry
Inactivating and Drying Solutions for Feed and Grain Processing Industry
Inactivating and Drying Solutions for Feed and Grain Processing Industry
Aug 14, 2019

At present, the common practice of processing soybean hulls in edible oil mills is: crushing and peeling, then pulverizing and directly adding to the soybean meal, and finally packaging and selling. But throughout the process, the bean hulls is not sterilized by sufficient heat. Since the disease-causing species may be carried, the soybean hulls is added to the soybean meal without being ripened to raise the animal, which may cause unpredictable animal diseases and even spread to humans. Therefore, the use of inactivating machine can kill the disease-causing species in soybean hull and ensure the safety of animal feed.

1. Inactivating Machine

Myande inactivating machine is specially designed for sterilizing, inactivating, and cooking raw materials in animal feed plants. With unique design, it effectively kills bacteria carried in various raw materials such as grains and soybean hull. Its working principle is based on findings of research of epidemiological studies that digestive tract viruses, different from blood-borne viruses, are generally “heat-sensitive” and can be easily inactivated at high temperatures. Myande inactivating machine is supplied with a cooling-drying deck which ensures that the processed materials reach the moisture and temperature requirements of the next process.

2. Inactivating Dryer
Myande inactivating dryer is especially designed for the sterilization and inactivation of soybean hulls and other by-products of oils & fats processing and food processing factories. It adopts special structure and reasonable sterilization process to increase the material temperature to 90~100°C and humidity to 85%~95% (values depend on different materials), and keep the materials at this condition for 10~30 minutes so that the processed materials do not contain any harmful bacteria and the treatment of bean hulls and impurities meet the safety requirements. The dryer is also equipped with a cooling-drying layer to ensure the processed material reaches the required moisture and temperature.

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