Intelligent Manufacturing, Intelligent Factory
Intelligent Manufacturing, Intelligent Factory
Intelligent Manufacturing, Intelligent Factory
Oct 6, 2020

Against the background of intelligent manufacturing becoming a global trend, countries all over the world take incorporating intelligent manufacturing into their national strategies. Concepts of " German Industry 4.0", "Made in China 2025" clearly propose that intelligent manufacturing is the future development direction of manufacturing technology.

Since 2016, Myande Group has been conducting thorough researches into application of intelligent manufacturing. Based on the latest Industrial 4.0 concept, we collect production data in workshops with PLC, and fully combine it with actual business data (procurement, materials, batches, transportation, production, testing, storage, sales, finance, etc.) by corporate intranet. Using data integration, statement analysis enables customers to realize automation, transparency, visualization, lean, digital of factory production and operation process, to build new intelligent factories.

Myande intelligent factory
Myande divides intelligent factories into three levels:
Factory automation: It includes basic automation and process automation to realize production control, process safety linkage, process monitoring, stability measurement, safety protection and various man-machine interaction in the production process.
Factory digitization: Collect various parameters, indicators, and other data in production through PLC for display, analysis, reminder, and prediction. Including equipment active maintenance management, production data management, quality control and laboratory management, energy management, etc.

Factory intelligence: Using technology such as computer, network, communication, integrating all factory data, realizing integration management and digital management of raw material procurement, process, production, laboratory, sales, finance. Including: enterprise resource planning (ERP), manufacturing execution system (MES), intelligent logistics system, product traceability system, security monitoring system, intelligent network system, core data information system, etc.

Myande’s intelligent factory system, on the one hand, utilizes the original basic automation, process automation, MES, ERP and the overall information system architecture of decision support, on the other hand, collaborates office automation (OA), combines 4G, 5G mobile Internet, big data intelligent algorithm and other advanced Internet technologies. The system realizes the whole process quality control by big data, the whole life cycle digitization, and the supply chain interconnection, so as to realize the intelligent manufacturing of enterprises.

Myande always keeps in mind its mission, "With professionalism we manufacture high quality mechanical products and supply complete solutions to enable our clients to succeed. We are dedicated to create a bright future for us as well as for our clients". Myande keeps developing new products and new technologies, and continues to take innovation as the driving force to serve customers with innovative technologies and promote the technical progress of the industry.

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