Myande Biological Fermentation Technology
Myande Biological Fermentation Technology
Myande Biological Fermentation Technology
Jul 10, 2019

Nowadays, fermentation is widely applied in industries of pharmaceutical, food, chemical, agriculture and environmental protection. Myande fermentation solutions and engineering services cover fermentation applications of animal feed materials (including soybean meal, groundnut meal, cottonseed meal, and other by-products from grain processing plants), fermentation of compound feed, solid-state enzyme products and etc.

Form of Fermentation Equipment
As bio-fermentation technology win increasing recognition from the public, numerous types of bio-fermentation equipment have appeared in the market. Currently, bio-fermentation equipment and technology show a variety of development orientations, such as ground natural accumulation fermentation, ton bags fermentation, trough ground fermentation, underground tank fermentation, wooden Fermentation, fermentation tank and so on.
Myande Automated and Efficient Fermentation Equipment
In order to adapt the requirement of market development, Myande has developed and successfully launched a range of automatic and intelligent biological fermentation equipment incorporating the above form of fermentation. These new equipment include rectangular groove type fermentation bed, rectangle fermentation machine, circular fermentation tower, and fermentation circular machine. Myande fermentation equipment are adaptable to aerobic fermentation, anaerobic fermentation and facultative anaerobic fermentation and they are in a good position to provide suitable fermentation temperature and humidity requirements for the bacteria growth. Tube bundle dryer, live drying tower and circulation dryers are normally incorporated for post fermentation drying application. Myande drying equipment have high efficiency and energy saving as they run at low temperature to maintain product activeness. Myande fermentation engineering has been pushing the solid-state fermentation to develop in the direction of automation and intelligent, efficient automation control of fermentation process, be able to create stable strains growing conditions, improve the efficiency of fermentation, to ensure the quality of products, with minimal human input and create maximum efficiency.
  • 3D Design Fermentation Bed
  • Rectangular Chamber Fermentation Bed
  • Fermentation Bed
  • Soybean Meal Fermentation Tower
Farm Waste Disposal Equipment
Treatment of animal farm waste poses a tough problem for farmers as environment requirements of livestock and poultry industry has been increasingly stringent, making environment-friendly farming an imminent trend. With the introduction of new environmental laws, effective treatment of animal farm waste has become a key issue in farm environmental protection. Myande environmental protection equipment, “Jasmine” fermentation tower, is designed with the aim to enable farmers to comply with environmental protection laws by transforming farm waste into high-quality organic fertilizer. “Jasmine” fermentation tower has a large capacity with low requirement for installation space. The whole equipment has an ideal sealing effect to effectively control the stench of dissemination. The fermentation process fully automated and can be achieved unattended operation.
  • Organic Fertilizer Fermentation Tower
  • Animal Manure Fermentation Tower
Myande Package Solutions

Myande has a strong integration and R&D capacities, fully using 3D design in fermentation engineering. And Myande is the only engineering company which applies 3D design to solid-state fermentation industry in domestic. The 3D drawings fully reflect the plant from frame structure, equipment layout, piping to the equipment operating orientation. The project which use of 3D design can be most visually simulated the actual situation of the project before construction and can be visualized communication, to modification and optimization the unreasonable layout in a timely manner. Compared with the traditional 2D design, the 3D design can be more accurate positioning, effectively avoid the interference between the civil work and equipment, shorten the installation period and improving the efficiency of the installation.

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