Spent Bleaching Earth Extraction Technology

We can provide turnkey plant for you:
Spent bleaching earth extraction plant with capacity ranging from 100 t/d to 1,000 t/d

Spent bleaching earth (SBE) derived from the degumming and bleaching of crude edible oil is commonly disposed off at landfills at a high cost. In order to help customers achieve maximum economic and environmental benefits, we provide the integrated solutions for the recovery of vegetable oil from spent bleaching earth.
Continuous solvent extraction is the most modern way of recovering oil from spent bleaching earth which is the disposal of edible oil refinery plant. In comparison with the rest of edible oil extraction processes, continuous solvent extraction features less labor, higher oil yield and less maintenance. It is a new and state of art technology for recovery of oil in the bleaching earth from edible oil refinery plant.

Spent bleaching earth is transported into the specially designed extraction unit which is properly considered to accommodate the feature of spent bleaching earth. With years of practical experience, Myande technology is updated on the basis of its best practice which ensures the smooth and successful operation of the plant.

Oil content in bleaching earth: ≤20%
Oil content in bleaching earth after extraction: ≤2.5%

Recovery of Vegetable Oil from Spent Bleaching Earth
200TPD Spent Bleaching Earth Oil Extraction
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