We can provide turnkey plant for you:

Fatty acid distillation and fractionation plant with capacity ranging from 50t/d to 1,000t/d
Glycerin concentration and refining plant with capacity ranging from 30t/d to 1,000t/d

1. Oil and Fat Splitting

Oil splitting (or hydrolysis) is performed under high pressure(55-60bar) and high temperature(240-260℃), resulting in the formation of crude split of fatty acids and crude glycerine dissolved in the excess water. The split degree using high-efficient and countercurrent splitter designed by Myande can reach 99%.

2. Glycerine-water Concentration
The sweet water is discharged from the bottom of the splitter continuously. Then the sweet water will be concentrated to 84%-88%(w/w) crude glycerine through the following process.
Glycerine-water concentration
3. Glycerine Refining
The crude glycerine is deaerated and further flashed to remove a part of water, then pumped into a packed tower to separate the light impurities and the heavier salts from the glycerine. The distilled glycerine via deodorization and activated carbon bleaching can obtain pharmaceutical grade glycerine with the purity above 99.5%.
Glycerine refining
4. Fatty Acids Distillation & Fractionation
Fatty acids distillation is applied to separate the light and heavy boiling impurities by several structured packing distillation columns (Usually two). The first column removes the light molecules, such as short carbon chain fatty acids and ketoaldehydes. The second column obtains the mixed, colourless product, normally C16-C18.
Fractionation is used to separate different length fatty acids by three or four series columns. For example, we can separate C12, C14, C16, C18 fatty acids from palm kernel oil hydrolysate by four-column in series.
  • Fatty Acids Distillation
  • Fatty Acids Fractionation

Oils Fats Project Cases By Myande
What can we do for you?
We focus on supplying one-stop service covering general layout plan, process design, R&D, equipment manufacturing, automatic control system, data integration, installation, supervision, commissioning, training and etc. Our custom solutions come from a deep understanding of your needs, and we have the capability to complete each project from the design of the initial concept to delivery.
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  • General Layout Plan: With a land prepared, the next thing you should consider is planning the general layout, which is a crucial foundation of a sustainable and cost-effective manufacturing. Turn to us for help and we will present you the design for your plant by considering water, steam, electricity supply and etc.
  • Process Design: Combining our engineering expertise, industry know-how and practical skills with your knowledge, we provide the optimized and customized process design for your plant.
  • 3D Plant Design: On the basis of plant layout design, combined with real situation, we can design a three-dimensional model of the entire plant. All the equipment, piping and instruments, any detail can be shown in the model, not only allowing you to have an intuitive understanding of the plant, but also providing overall information support for plant construction, equipment installation and future expansion.
  • Automatic Control System: We offer economical and most effective process automation solutions for the entire production line. Our RES automatic control system is developed based on PLC/DCS system.
  • Data Integration: From the perspective of the overall operation of the factory, Myande intelligent data integration management system collects basic data from raw grain procurement, warehousing, processing, inventory, sales and logistics, relying on the interconnection network system of each workshop. It provides real-time, accurate and traceable data reports for the current storage, processing and shipping.
  • Equipment Manufacturing: We owns in-house manufacture base of more than 100,000㎡ integrating R&D, production, project management which represents advanced engineering capability in the industry.
  • Installation and Commissioning: After finishing the installation of all machines, we offer on-site commissioning service to ensure compatible functioning. Every move of the machine needs strong technical support from our experienced engineers. The only principle is that you can start manufacturing right after the commissioning.

Quality at Myande

At Myande, we are committed to providing high-performance equipment. We achieve this by applying strict quality management with the active engagement of all engineers and workers.
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    All the R&D engineer team members with more than 12 years of experience in the field.
    Technical experts with senior management experience in European and US engineering companies.
    More than 60% market share in China in the past 5 years.
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