Oilseed Flaker

Myande MYPG Oilseed Flakers are designed for flaking various types of oilseeds including soybeans, cotton seeds, corn, and other nuts or kernels. Featuring high efficiency and uniform flake thickness, they are ideal equipment for pretreatment of oilseeds.

Flaking the oilseeds helps to rupture the cell walls and increase the surface area, making it easier for the oil to be extracted during the subsequent extraction process. Flaking also improves the efficiency of the oil extraction and produces flakes that can be further processed for different applications such as animal feed or food products.

Myande flakers have been widely used by oilseeds and oils processing companies around the world. More than 600 units are currently in operation. After long-term operation and continuous improvement, the excellent performance and reliable quality of Myande flakers have been highly trusted by customers all over the world.

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Particular Features

Top international rolls to ensure excellent flaking effect.
Unique roll gap adjustment mechanism effectively prevents roll interference through automatic hydraulic adjustment at both ends and precise mechanic control of minimum roll gap.
Rail type bearing housing facilitates dismantling and positioning of rolls and other parts.

Anti-static brush at both side of main shaft in working chamber prevents material leakage and thereby ensures hygienic working environment.
Tooth belt main driving design with hydraulic automatic tensioning ensures optimal belt driving efficiency.

Automatic tensioning device of vice driving belt maintains constant belt tensioning and ensures maximum driving efficiency.
The magnet at feeding point efficiently picks up metal debris and protects the rolls.
Incorporating conical main shaft bearing which is easy to install and dismantle, thus reducing maintenance time.




MYPG 80*160

MYPG 80*210

Capacity(t/d)(based on soya)



Roll Dimensions



Main Motor Power(kW)



Flake Thickness(mm)



Spreading Motor Power(kW)



Feeding Motor Power(kW)



Pump Motor Power(kW)



Overall Dimensions(L*W*H)



Industry Application

Industry Application

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Lifecycle Service

Lifecycle Service

The Myande 360° Service Portfolio covers all your needs throughout the life cycle of your equipment.
By ensuring greater uptime, availability and optimization, we help maximize your return on investment.

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