Organic Fertilizer Fermentation Tower

Myande biological fertilizer fermentation tower is specialized for the treatment of animal waste in pig farms, poultry farms, and cattle farms through the process of fermentation. It is designed to provide optimal conditions for the growth and multiplication of microorganisms responsible for the breakdown and conversion of organic materials into nutrient-rich fertilizers.

During fermentation, microorganisms present in the organic waste consume the available nutrients and convert them into more accessible forms for plants. The tower is equipped with systems for temperature control, ventilation, and moisture management to ensure optimal conditions for microbial activity.

Once the fermentation process is complete, the resulting material is known as biofertilizer, which is rich in essential nutrients like nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium. This biofertilizer can then be used in agricultural fields or gardens to enhance soil fertility and promote plant growth.

Overall, Myande biological fertilizer fermentation tower plays a crucial role in the efficient and controlled production of organic fertilizers, contributing to sustainable agriculture practices and reducing reliance on chemical fertilizers.

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Particular Features

Small footprint and cost saving.
Adopting hydraulic drive with very low failure rate.
Fermentation chamber and mechanical power chamber is separated, with good durability.
Fully automatic operation, high fermentation efficiency.

Industry Applications

Industry Application

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