Rotating-arm Aerobic Fermentation Tower

During the fermentation process, automatic ventilation, temperature control, humidity control, and precise control of the fermentation environment can meet the growth of aerobic bacteria such as aspergillus, spores, and yeast, and it can promote aerobic bacteria to metabolize metabolites in the growth process and act better on fermentation substrates. After inoculation, the material is transported to the fermentation tower, and the big sweep arm rotates forward and realizes automatic material loading. The material layer height can be adjusted according to the production process requirements. At the end of fermentation, the big sweep arm discharges automatically by reverse rotation, and the material is discharged through the central discharge door. The fermentation tower has an automatic temperature and humidity control system to ensure the suitable oxygen, temperature and humidity in the fermentation process. At the same time, the material can be automatically agitated in the fermentation process.

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Particular Features

Automatically adjustable temperature, humidity and ventilation to realize automatic control of fermentation process.
Continuous, uniform and stable discharge.
Adjustable layer height, generally 300~500mm, for shallow layer fermentation.
Available for multi-layer layout, saving floor space.

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