Solvent Extraction

Solvent Extraction

Main purpose of solvent extraction is to extract oil from pressed cake or flakes. Miscella is pumped to evaporation system and spent meal is desolventized.

Main Equipment: Sliding Cell Extractor, E-type Extractor

Miscella Distillation

Miscella is the liquid fraction obtained through solvent extraction. It consists primarily of oils, volatile solvents, and entrained meal powder. After removing impurities, miscella is pumped to the distillation system. The purpose of distillation is to remove solvent from oil through evaporation. Solvent vapor is condensed and recycled.

Main Equipment: First Stage Evaporator, Tubular Heat Exchanger, Sieve Tray Stripper

Solvent Recovery

Solvent evaporated from each section is recycled to solvent-water separation tank through condenser. Uncondensed vapor enters the exhaust condenser where most of the uncondensed solvent is condensed. A small amount of solvent vapor and non-condensable gas enter the absorption tower in which solvent is absorbed by mineral oil. Other non-condensable gas is exhausted through the exhaust fan.

Main Equipment: Extractor Condenser

Meal Desolventizing

Wet meal after solvent extraction containing solvent is conveyed to D.T.D.C for desolventizing, toasting, drying and cooling. The treated meal is then transported to grinding and packaging sections by drag conveyor.

Main Equipment: DTDC, Drag Conveyor

Mineral Oil Absorption

A small amount of solvent vapor and non-condensable gas enter the absorber in which solvent is absorbed by mineral oil below 40℃. Other non-condensable gas is exhausted through the exhaust fan. After absorbing the solvent, the mineral oil is heated to 105~110℃ and then the solvent is steam stripped out of the mineral oil under vacuum in the desorber.

The stripped mineral oil is cooled to below 40°C before being recycled into the absorption tower.

DC Heat Recovery

Exhaust air from DC drying layer contains a large amount of heat energy. It firstly enters the cyclone to remove entrained meal particles and then enters the waste-heat absorber and flows from the bottom to the top exhaust air outlet. Meanwhile, circulating water is pumped into the absorber from the spraying port at the top and flows downward, contacting the exhaust air in a counter-current manner. The heat in the exhaust air is passed into the circulating water through heat conduction and convection so that the temperature of the circulating water rises and can be reused.

Zero Liquid Discharge

Myande zero liquid discharge technology converts the wastewater into direct steam for DT layers by filtering, evaporating, and overheating to achieve the purpose of reducing wastewater discharge and saving water. Wastewater is continuously heated and circulated, the steam is flashed out, the concentration of wastewater rises, and the concentrate is added to the DT or DC to replenish the water.

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We offer economical and most effective process automation solutions for the entire production line. Our RES automatic control system is developed based on PLC/DCS system.

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From the perspective of the overall operation of the factory, Myande intelligent data integration management system collects basic data from raw grain procurement, warehousing, processing, inventory, sales and logistics, relying on the interconnection network system of each workshop. It provides real-time, accurate and traceable data reports for the current storage, processing and shipping.

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Myande Group currently has 1,000+ employees including 400 technical staff and 600 manufacturing workers. More than 1,000 complete plants have been supplied under Myande’s name in around 80 countries since 2003.

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We focus on supplying one-stop engineering service covering general layout plan, process design, R&D, equipment manufacturing, automatic control system, data integration, installation, supervision, commissioning, training and etc.
Our custom solutions come from a deep understanding of your needs, and we have the capability to complete each project from the design of the initial concept to manufacturing, installation, commissioning and delivery.

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Myande News & Insights

6,000TPD Soybean Crushing Plant Successfully Putting into Operation

On December 10, Qingdao Bohi Dongjiakou 6,000tpd soybean preparation and extraction production line undertaken by Myande Group was successfully put into operation. In terms of capacity, this is the largest single production line in China in operation. At the same time, compared with similar facilities, this new crushing line boasts markedly improvement in product stability, energy conservation and environmental protection, intelligent manufacturing, etc. Qingdao Bohi Dongjiakou Grain and Oil Industry Co., Ltd. is located in Dongjiakou Port, Qingdao West Coast New Area, which is invested and controlled by Shandong Bohai Industry Group. Starting from a cooking oil refining plant, Bohi Industry gradually formed two industrial chains: grain and oil processing and cellulosic fiber manufacturing. Since 2009, in cooperation with international engineering companies, Bohi Industry has built a 2,500tpd soybean crushing line in Boxing County of Shandong Province, two 6,000tpd soybean crushing lines in Qingdao Port and a 6,000tpd soybean crushing line in Beihai City and Zhanjiang City respectively, forming a soybean processing capacity of nearly 10 million tons per year. With good performances, Bohi Industry was awarded successively as one of the "China’s Top 500 Enterprises", one of the "Top 500 Manufacturing Enterprises in China" and one of the "Top 10 Edible Oil Enterprises in China's Food Industry".   Customized Design Since the early stage of communication, Myande team has always focused on the needs and values of the customer. In consideration of some drawbacks existing in Bohi’s old 6,000tpd soybean production line and the development trend of the industry, Myande presented a more reasonable design scheme and complete service guarantee system, and truly made the customer choose easy.     Intelligent Manufacturing The core equipment incorporated in this new crushing line, including crackers, flakers, E-type extractor, DTDC, etc., are Myande products with independent intellectual property rights of Myande Group. In particular, the control system of the flaker is integrated with the control system of preparation plant, which makes the operation more convenient and the technical indicators more controllable, also, according to the feedback from authoritative users, under the premise of same quality and output, the power consumption per ton of Myande Flaker is at the international leading level; The intelligent manufacturing ensures good product quality, low energy consumption and stable operation of the equipment during the whole project implementation.   A World-class Example of Carbon Neutrality Oriented toward the goal of "Carbon Neutrality", the plant adopts numerous latest energy saving technology, negative pressure drainage technology of E-type extractor, and DC hot air heat recovery technology to ensure the lowest energy consumption index. By adopting advanced environmental protection technology, the exhaust gas of the project is purified and the discharge standard exceeds the expected level, at the same time, the plant has also realized zero waste water discharge.

How to Utilize DC Exhaust Heat in Oil Mill?

D.T.D.C (Desolventizer, Toaster, Dryer and Cooler) is a meal desolventizing equipment in edible oil extraction plant for removing solvent contained in spent meal from the extractor by water vapor in DT. In order to ensure better storage and transportation of meal, it is necessary to dry the meal in DC to safe moisture and to cool it to safe temperature, normally to 12~13% moisture and less than 40℃.   In the meal drying process, the moisture in the hot meal will vaporize with the hot air, and wet air with high moisture content will be formed. Generally, the moisture content is 13~17%, and the temperature is 75~85℃. This vapor contains considerable stench substances and dust. The dust can be removed by the cyclone. With large scale extraction plants, this exhaust hot air from DC tend to pose a serious air pollution problem and may have a serious impact on the surrounding environment.   In order to solve this problem created by DC exhaust vapor and achieve the goal of coordination between environmental protection and production, Myande developed patented technology to utilize this hot exhaust vapor from DC after deodorization (Patent No.CN201320760659.8, CN201420685756.X, and CN201520639876.0).   This technology includes the comprehensive treatment of DC and other wet and dusty vapor. Based on this patented technology, Myande has developed two process designs, namely the indirect heat utilization and scrubbing heat utilization, which have been successfully used in several production lines to the high satisfaction of the plant management.   The indirect heat exchange system adopts stainless steel plate heat exchanger in which hot air from cyclone outlet exchanges heat with the cool air from blower inlet directly. In general, the cool air temperature will be increased to more than 40℃, as shown in Figure 1-1.   Scrubbing heat exchange system uses water to spray the hot air from the cyclone outlet in order to form hot water, which after filtration, will be used to heat the cooling air from DC inlet. At the same time, it can be used to heat the air used for the drying section of oilseed pre-pressing plant, thereby reducing steam consumption, see Figure 1-2.  

Energy-Saving And Emission Reduction Reconstruction For Edible Oil Mill

In recent years, following the development trend of oils & fats processing industry, Jiushan Group launched a series of initiatives aimed to reconstruct its factories to improve environmental performances by reducing energy consumption and reducing emission.   In October 2017, Jiusan Group commissioned Myande Group to carry out the technological renovation program in Guangxi Huiyu factory to save energy, reduce consumption and emission. After successful completion of this program, both power and steam consumption has been greatly reduced. In particular, steam consumption of the DC alone reduced by 10 kg.   In March 2018, Jiusan Group conducted bidding process for similar technical modifications aimed at improving environmental performance for 5 production lines located in Dalian, Tianjin, Tieling, and Changchun. The major objectives of these programs include recovery of waste heat from DC and reduction of dust and offensive odour emission. Myande through the bidding process was awarded contracts for all five programs.   DTDC is used for high-temperature desolventizing in the extraction plant while DT removes solvent from the wet meals with vapor. To ensure better storage and transportation of meals, it is always necessary to dry and cool the meal safe moisture and temperature. Normally, moisture should be within 12 ~ 13% range and the temperature should be less than 40 ℃ (or no 10 ℃ more than ambient temperature).   When drying meals, the moisture in hot meals will vaporize with the blowing of hot air, thus forming wet air with high moisture, usually range from 13% to 17%, and the temperature is 75 ~ 85 ℃. A large number of fishy flavor substances and dusts are contained in the wet air. From cyclone, small dust particles less than 25μm still will be discharged, taking away a lot of thermal energy and causing heat loss and environmental pollution.   With the expansion of oil seeds crushing factory, the exhaust emission from DC as the key point of heat energy loss in extraction plant is becoming a serious air pollution source. To solve the problem of exhaust gas pollution, coordinate environmental protection and production, at the same time, balance environmental governance and production benefits, Myande has developed a number of patent technologies for DC hot air waste heat utilization and deodorization (patent number: CN201320760659.8;CN201420685756. X; CN201520639876.0), which not only comprehensively control DC and other wet and dusty gases, but also recycle thermal energy.   At present, many production lines are running smoothly in China, which has been well received by customers. The waste heat scrubbing tower developed and manufactured by Myande is the core equipment of the process, which adopts washing water and hot vapor to conduct back-flushing for heat exchange. The anti-blocking grid packing mechanism will not only increase the heat transfer efficiency and prevent the internal blockage, but also effectively remove the dust from the DC exhaust and reduce the fishy flavor of the exhaust.  

COFCO 5,000TPD Soybean Crushing Line

Recently, a 5,000 t/d soybean crushing line supplied by Myande to COFCO Donghai Grain and Oil Industry (Zhangjiagang) Co. Ltd started production successfully and has been yielding qualified products since then. Starting from workshop preheating, it took mere 6 hours to yield crude soybean oil and meals with the complete equipment line running stably with highly desirable indicators. Founded in May 1993, COFCO Donghai, COFCO’s key important oilseed processing base, has grown into one of the largest and most advanced integrated grain and oil processing bases in the world. Owning numerous well-established brands, such as "Fook Lam Moon " and "Sihai", its food and oil products enjoy a good reputation across China. COFCO’s other four oilseed crushing lines were all supplied by foreign engineering companies in the past. This fifth crushing line, with capacity of 3,000t/d rapeseed and 5,000t/d soybean, is the largest in terms of capacity. Core equipment of the entire production line is manufactured and supplied by Myande. The successful test production of the soybean processing line fully demonstrates Myande's strength in the oils & fats engineering. With its business concept of ”passion, precision and honesty”, Myande is dedicated to manufacturing high quality mechanical products and supplying complete solutions that enable clients to succeed.

2,000TPD Rapeseed Crushing Plant Launched

Recently, a 2,000 t/d rapeseed crushing plant built by Myande Group for Daodaoquan Grain and Oil Co., Ltd. started operation successfully and started to yield qualified rapeseed oil and meal. Daodaoquan Grain and Oil Co., Ltd. is a comprehensive oil processing enterprise integrating production, scientific research, trade, warehousing and logistics of edible vegetable oil and its related by-products.   This new rapeseed crushing plant incorporates a wide range of Myande core equipment possessing independent intellectual property rights, including the E-type extractor, hydraulic flaker, DTDC, conditioner, and other key equipment. To achieve flexible material incoming and discharging, Myande CCJL series sweep auger and CQJL series reclaimer are used. In addition, advanced energy-saving technology, negative pressure draining technology and intelligent safety technology are used to ensure the stable operation of the entire production line and excellent product index. With the concept of "creating the best performance for our customers", Myande cooperates with DaoDaoQuan to build a modern, energy-efficient, and environmentally friendly factory.  

600,000 T/A Wheat Starch Deep Processing Project Successfully Launched

Recently, the 1st phase of Henan Hanyong's 600,000 tons (annual output) wheat starch deep processing project, designed by and installed under the guidance of Myande, has been smoothly commissioned, and contract for the 2nd phase was signed with Myande, marking the further extension of the domestic wheat deep processing industry chain.   Henan Hanyong Biotechnology Co., Ltd. is one of the leading enterprises in agricultural industrialization of Henan province. It mainly produces edible alcohol with strong competitiveness and a high reputation in the market.   Starch deep processing is one of Myande’s important business segments. After years of technology and experience accumulation in the field of starch deep processing, Myande has formed a complete set of production design system with a high degree of automation, stable operation and high product quality. In recent years, Myande has successfully established long-term strategic cooperative relations with multiple famous domestic and international enterprises.   Combining with Hanyong's own industrial advantages, after in-depth research, efficient communication and repeated demonstrations, Myande has designed a set of production plan (as shown in the following figure) specially for the customer, and it can not only produce gluten and wheat starch, but also make better use of the mixed nutrient solution of process water and pentosan to produce alcohol, which will bring considerable economic benefits.   The 1st phase project is a 500tpd wheat flour processing project, including a 3tpd gluten drying system and a 12tpd starch drying system. From beginning to end, the whole project lasted for 10 months. During the whole implementation process, from the plant layout planning, process design, intelligent automation design in the early stage, project service in the mid-term, to the installation, commissioning and training in the post stage, Myande’s rigorous, attentive and efficient one-stop service has won the unanimous praise of Hanyong. Through the joint efforts of Myande and Hanyong employees, a brand-new starch deep processing production line was successfully commissioned and started running smoothly, and all indicators were superior to the technical level of the same industry.   In view of the pleasant cooperation in the 1st phase, Hanyong decided to cooperate with Myande again to expand its wheat starch deep processing output, and signed the 2nd phase project with Myande resolutely, namely 5t/d gluten drying system and 20t/h starch drying system. After which, Hanyong will become a high-quality gluten high-value conversion base with "the largest scale, the best environment protection and the highest level of research and development" in the industry in Asia.  

Myande Awards 2022 “Spring Sunshine” Scholarship

In order to motivate employees' children to study hard and to enhance employees’ sense of belonging and happiness, on August 19, Myande held 2022 Myande Spring Sunshine Education Scholarship ceremony. Mr. Wangmu, vice chairman and Mr. Mao Weijiang, director in charge of manufacturing, participated in this ceremony and on behalf of the company presented scholarship stipends to children of Myande employees who are enrolled by four-year universities this year.   In his speech, Mr. Wang highlighted that Spring Sunshine Scholarship is one of several company welfare benefits. It represents the company’s vision of moving forward with its employees and creating a better future together, and it reflects the company's care for the education of its employees' children and its high sense of social responsibility.  

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