5,000TPD Oilseeds Crushing and 1,000TPD Oil Refining Line Successfully Commissioned

Feb 08, 2023

Recently, Chongqing Yide 5,000TPD oilseeds crushing and 1,000TPD oil refining production line was successfully put into operation and was accepted with excellent indicators. The production line has the characteristics of novel layout, advanced technology and innovative equipment.


Integrating architectural aesthetics into modern factories

Chongqing Yide Grain and Oil Co., Ltd. was established in 2020 and invested by Nantong Yide Investment Holdings Co., Ltd. Yide is not only a leading enterprise in Nantong, but also has been committed to the transformation to intelligence and environmental protection. The founders of the company have ultimate pursuit of quality. Myande design team has made a lot of attempts and innovations based upon the needs of customers, integrating architectural aesthetics into modern factories, making the buildings more beautiful, the layout more reasonable, and allowing industry and nature to co-exist in harmony.


Globally unique logistics layout

Chongqing Yide plant adopts a loop-shaped layout and design. Through bold innovation, it breaks through the concept of the traditional edible oil factory layout, making the factory look more like an architectural complex, not an edible oil plant. The layout of the loop-shaped factory is not only beautiful, but also the world's unique new logistics layout. Oilseeds pretreatment, extraction and refining plants are all designed in an integrated way, greatly reducing the space occupation and building height, making the layout more rational and compact, and the safety and construction cost of the whole project are well controlled.


Innovation makes the dream come true

In addition to the innovative factory layout, there are also many innovations in terms of equipment. Both sides have made many in-depth communication based on customer's original experience and newly proposed ideas. The technical and R&D team of Myande take the responsibility to realize the customer's dream and make a lot of attempts and innovations, which achieve good results and economic benefits. The core machines incorporated in the plant are all developed, designed and manufactured independently, such as the new-style Vertical Seed Conditioner, E-type Extractor, DTDC, Combined Type Deodorizer, Reclaim System and etc. In particular, the new-style Vertical Seed Conditioner has the characteristics of high heat transfer efficiency, small footprint and low steam consumption. The reclaim system for raw grain flat warehouse adopts a modular unitized design, with simple structure, high flexibility and efficient operation.

5,000TPD Oilseeds Crushing and 1,000TPD Oil Refining Line Successfully Commissioned


5,000TPD Oilseeds Crushing and 1,000TPD Oil Refining Line Successfully Commissioned


Factory tour model boosts industrial tourism

The value of a modern factory is not only reflected in its production and manufacturing, but also in the need to meet the trends of social development. Chongqing Yide has integrated industrial tourism and food safety and health education into the design of the factory at the beginning. When completed, Chongqing Yide will not only be a modern grain and oil processing enterprise, but also a training base for food safety and health education. While contributing to local economic development, it also enriches the lives of local people and adds an attraction for industrial tourism visits.


Intelligence to improve operational efficiency

Myande has been involved in the grain and oil processing industry for twenty years, and the technology has been continuously precipitated and iterated through project practice. In the construction of Chongqing Yide project, Myande adopted a large number of modern and intelligent control systems, which have improved the level of automation control and data integration of the whole plant, providing basic and objective technical data to improve the operation and management of the modern plant, as well as providing technical support for the digital transformation and intelligent manufacturing of the plant. In addition, various key process control points have also been optimized and upgraded to ensure more stable operation of equipment and more competitive product quality and energy consumption indicators.


The completed Chongqing Yide plant will be a modern factory with low consumption, environmentally friendly, high technology and intelligence, as well as a key pivot point of Yide Group's strategic layout of agricultural products processing, bearing the important task of increasing the scale of oilseed processing and expanding the radiation radius of finished products.


With nearly 20 years of experience in grain and oil processing industry, Myande is committed to being a value-creating company by providing intelligent, digital, sustainable and innovative solutions for our customers. Myande team are willing to work together with industry partners to help the development of a healthy, safe and intelligent industry.

5,000TPD Oilseeds Crushing and 1,000TPD Oil Refining Line Successfully Commissioned

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