900TPD Multi Oils Refinery Project for HVO Feedstock Pretreatment

Nov 16, 2022

Myande’s Patented Biodiesel Technology Goes Into the Global Market

Recently, a methanol and water recovery facility designed and supplied by Myande to a client in Malaysia passed the acceptance tests and was put into operation. One prominent feature of this facility lies in low-carbon production process from used cooking oil (UCO) to biodiesel. Its successful completion indicates entry of Myande’s biodiesel technology into the global market.


In addition to distillation of methanol and glycerin in the production line of transesterification and synthesis of biodiesel by enzymatic esterification, this facility is designed to recover methyl alcohol and glycerol from the wastewater of biodiesel plant so as to achieve full recovery and utilization of beneficial substance and obtaining distilled water that can be directly reused to the previous process section to achieve “zero-discharge of wastewater” from the biodiesel plant.


In view of the different characteristics of two raw materials in the system, based on the comprehensive consideration of originality, progressiveness, stability, long-term operation cost and TCO (Total Cost Of Ownership), Myande technical team has innovatively developed a new type of treatment process and equipment after repeated discussions, and finally stood out in the competition with European suppliers, winning the bid for the project and the trust from the customer. At present, the new process has also successfully obtained the national patent.


With the joint efforts of both parties, all commissioning indicators have achieved the anticipative target and requirement. Myande has not only created considerable extra operation profits for the customer, but also provided support for the customer to maintain technical advancement and retain its competitive edge in the industry.


In recent years, with increasing amount of waste oils & fats, more and more countries endeavor and vie to recycle and utilize waste oils & fats to produce biodiesel, transferring waste oils and fats to renewable energy. In response to the national call of "Reach CO2 Emission Peak by 2030 and Carbon Neutrality by 2060", Myande has consistently intensified research and development in oils & fats deep processing technology and equipment. With increasingly strong R&D and innovation capabilities, Myande is in a leading position in research and development of biodiesel technology and equipment.


Myande Group actively responds to the national "Belt and Road Initiative " and "Go Global" strategy, and are dedicated to grow into a globally respectable market leader in various specialized fields.

Myande’s Patented Biodiesel Technology Goes Into the Global Market
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