250TPD Extruded Soybean Meal Project

Oct 25, 2022

Commissioning of 250t/d Extruded Soybean Meal Production Line for Australia and Canada Oils Industrial Co., Ltd located in Beibu Gulf of Fangchenggang port started, and started to yield qualified products successfully. Technical requirements for product quality and process control are extremely strict, even though the scale of this project is smaller in contrast with large-scale edible oil processing project. Urease activity, moisture, temperature and protein content are included in the main quality control index. The success of commissioning proved again that it is correct to choose Myande.


Earlier, on December 8, 2014, a 2,000t/d rapeseed pre-pressing and extraction production line constructed by Myande Group for Australia and Canada Oils Industrial Co., Ltd was put into smooth production. It only took 12 hours to produce oil and meal after rapeseed was fed into the equipment line. This speed set up a new in the field of rapeseed processing.


In order to expand business and enrich product structure, AUSCA in June and October, 2015 signed two other contracts with Myande for one 600t/d vegetable oil refining production line and one 250t/d soybean crushing line. Customers repeatedly purchased products from Myande mainly because of mutual understanding and trust. This is also sure evidence of which was the greatest recognition for Myande products. Myande is as always committed to providing products with advanced technology and reliable quality, comprehensive technical support and superior service system.


Extruded soybean meal is made from soybean through crushing and wet extrusion process. It retains the original nutritional ingredient of soybean with anti-nutritional elements removed. Extruded soybean meal has been widely used in livestock and aquatic feed industry due to its high nutritional value, rich bean flavour, and high nutrient digestion rate. Demand for extruded soybean meal is increasing at present because of its characters such as high energy, high protein content, high digestion rate, rich Vitamin E and lecithin, which is ideal vegetable protein material for making feed with high energy and protein content.


The successful commissioning and operation of 250t/d extruded soybean flour project for Australia and Canada Oils creates another success story in soybean deep processing industry. "Even better than I expected," Mr.Zhang, general manager of Australia and Canada Oils, said after this production line was put into smooth operation. Reassuring customers and satisfying customers are Myande’s basic goal and our ultimate goal is to touch customers. Myande is willing to exchange ideas on edible oil processing technology with you, jointly promoting the development of edible oil processing industry in China and the world.


250TPD Extruded Soybean Meal Project

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