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500TPD Soybean Meal Project

Oct 25, 2022

500t/d soybean crushing, oil refining and meal packaging line built by Myande Group for Jining Luxin Oils Company started to yield qualified products successfully.


Jining Luxin Oils Company, previously operating with two 750 t/d oilseed extraction lines, is the largest grain and oil, food processing enterprise in South-west Shandong Province and its comprehensive strength ranks top among the same industry in Shandong Province. The new 500 t/d soybean processing plant will enable Luxin to expand its production scale and to better meet market demand. Myande Group won the trust Luxin with integrated solutions and rich experience in project implementation.


According to the project demand and market characteristic, Myande produced for Luxin a highly custom-made process design featuring advanced processing technology, reliable equipment, energy efficiency, and steady product quality. The process line has the following features:


1. The pretreatment process incorporates the two-stage dehulling system and optimized conditioner heating area and retention time to achieve sufficient softening and ideal elasticity of soybean, to ensure maximum wholeness of flakes. Incorporating Myande key equipment, such as conditioner, cracking mill and flaking mill, the complete pretreatment process has energy-saving and excellent performance features that ensure desirable meal protein content and oil quality.


2. The evaporation process adopts low-pressure steam as the heating source with reasonable configuration of relief valves and control valves to ensure that all equipment work properly with low pressure. Low temperature and low- pressure mode of evaporation process are conducive to maintaining the stability of evaporation system and reducing the impact on edible oil caused by high temperature.


3. Miscella stripping process incorporates Myande’s plate type bubble stripper featuring compactness, high stripping efficiency, effective reduction of steam consumption, and shortened washing time.


4. Highly effective heat recovery system in plant ensures crude oil with lower temperature delivered to tanks outside of the plant. In addition, steam condensate in the plant can be recycled to reduce steam consumption.


5. Advanced processing technology such as low-temperature neutralization, degumming without water, pre-bleaching and re-bleaching, physical deacidification and deodorization, liquid ammonia condensation vacuum system are applied to save energy.


6. The ventilation system is equipped with high-efficient pulse dust collectors in the plant to ensure a reasonable concentration of exhaust air. 


500TPD Soybean Meal Project

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