Bulk Grain Storage & Handling System and Protein Blending System Used in Ausca

Nov 02, 2021

In September 2020, Myande Group Co., Ltd. signed a contract with Hainan Ausca International Grain and Oil Co., Ltd. by which Myande has undertaken a complete 3,000t/d soybean and rapeseed production line. The project includes raw grain storage, oil seeds preparation, solvent extraction, meal storage, meal packaging, and oil refinery sections. Through close cooperation and joint efforts of both parties, the project was officially put into operation in July 2021. The new bulk grain storage & handling system and intelligent protein blending system developed by Myande are incorporated into this project and achieved remarkable performance results.


I. New Bulk Grain Storage & Handling System

The new bulk grain storage & handling system is composed of silos, feeding system, discharging system, circulation system, and packing & loading system. The system can effectively improve the operation efficiency of meal and reduce labor costs, thus providing excellent complete solutions for oilseeds crushing plants.


Myande bulk meal handling system


Meal coming from preparation and extraction plants either enters the packaging plant for bagging and shipping, or is transported into vertical silos for storage in which regular circulation is done in order to prevent meal hardening. This project includes three vertical silos for storage of soybean meals and rapeseed meals with different protein content at the same time. Meals will be shipped out according to market requirements, which greatly reduces impacts of uncertainty of the packaging system. When logistics system needs loading, control system can directly switch to discharging mode so that meal is transported into the packaging section for packing and loading. This feature reduces manual work of stacking, unpacking and loading in the bagging warehouse. Meals can also be directly loaded and transported to feed mills or farmers, thus saving bagging costs.


Myande bulk grain storage & handling system adopts advanced intelligent control and data acquisition system to ensure high efficiency, low cost, low loss and low labor intensity of the whole system. It has active early warning and alarm capabilities, and can set different circulation cycles according to different moisture levels. When circulation is needed, the control system will automatically send reminders to the control personnel. If it exceeds preset circulation time, the alarm will be gradually upgraded to managers and senior managers. It has the ability to switch between circulation and storage, realizing automatic operation without manual intervention, which is safer, more reliable and more efficient.


Myande bulk grain storage & handling system


The bulk meal reclaim auger which possesses a number of Myande’s patented technologies is the core equipment of the meal handling system. It is specially developed to meet Ausca’s demand for processing large capacity of meals to fit Ausca’s 10,000 tons meal’s silo. So far the reclaim auger has been running reliably and safely.


II. Intelligent Protein Blending System

Based on the experience of previous projects and in-depth communication with Ausca technicians, Myande developed the intelligent protein blending system to ensure accurate control of protein content of soybean meal.


The intelligent protein blending system includes hull & meal temporary storage system, intelligent quantitative system, hull & meal mixing system and protein monitoring system. Soybean meal and hull are transported into the temporary storage system, by comparing with the protein ratio table of hull and meal, the control personnel initially adjust the ratio between hull and meal according to the demand of protein; The hull and meal are fully mixed in the mixing system to ensure the accuracy of protein detection. The protein monitoring system detects the protein content before and after the mixture of hull and meal, corrects the ratio between hull and meal and finally switches to the automatic regulation mode, so as to achieve intelligent and accurate control of protein.


After commissioning, the protein content error of the soybean meal formulated by the intelligent protein blending system is within ±0.05%~±0.1%, which is better than the ordinary system, whose error is ±0.2%~±0.3%. The results far exceed the design expectations.


Through the precise control of soybean meal protein, Myande intelligent protein blending system saves a lot of costs for Ausca and provides strong technical support for its rapid market occupation.


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Protein Blending System

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