Canola Seed Pressing

We can provide turnkey plant for you:

Canola seed pre-pressing and solvent extraction plant with capacity ranging from 100 t/d to 3,000 t/d

The purpose of canola seed preparation plant is to extract a portion of oil by mechanical pressing while providing pressing cakes for extraction plant. Main processes include Seed Cleaning & Weighing, Conditioning, Flaking, Cooking, Pressing, Oil Residue Separation.

  • Canola oil factory
  • Rapeseed oil pressing plant
  • Canola Pre-pressing Process Flow Diagram

1. Cleaning & Weighing Section
Rapeseeds from daily bin or warehouse is treated by magnetic separator, weighing scale and screener to remove impurities.
2. Conditioning Section
The purpose of conditioning is to adjust moisture, temperature and tenacity of rapeseeds for better flaking. Vertical Conditioner is used in this section.
3. Flaking Section
The purpose of flaking is to flake the broken rapeseeds into thin flakes (from 0.3 to 0.35mm) for the subsequent oil extraction through mechanical pressing. In addition, flakes thickness can be adjusted through the roll pressure adjustment device.
4. Cooking Section
Horizontal Drum Rotary Cooker is designed to adjust temperature and moisture of rapeseeds flakes prior to mechanical pressing, improving oil yield greatly.
  • 3,000TPD Rapeseed Oil Pressing and Extraction
  • 1,200TPD Canola Seed Oil Pressing and Extraction
  • 2,500TPD Canola Seed Oil Pressing and Extraction
  • 3,000TPD Canola Seed Oil Pressing and Extraction
5. Pressing Section
Rapeseeds is a kind of high oil-containing oilseed. Generally, it is necessary to extract a portion of oil by mechanical pressing prior to the subsequent process. The content of residual oil in pressing cakes is around 18%. Cakes is then treated by solvent extraction while crude oil is to be filtered.
6. Oil Residue Separation Section
Due to the high content of residue in crude oil, it is necessary to separate oil residue by oil drag conveyor firstly, crude oil then enters to settling tank for further separation. The collected residue is returned to pressing section while crude oil from settling tank is pumped to horizontal screw centrifuge or leaf filter for further removing impurities.
7. Cooling Section
Hydraulic turning cooler with a complete set of wind network system is designed to cool down pre-pressing cakes to 55~60℃, then cakes is conveyed to the extraction plant.
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