Sunflower Seed Pressing

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Sunflower seed preparation and solvent extraction plant with capacity ranging from 100 t/d to 5,000 t/d

We provide tailored designs of sunflower seed dehulling process are delivered to meet your requirement for protein content in extraction meal. One-stage dehulling and two-stage dehulling are available to suit your specific needs.

The purpose of preparation is to extract a portion of oil by mechanical pressing while providing pressing cakes for extraction plant. Main processes include: Seed Cleaning & Weighing, Cracking & Dehulling, Flaking, Cooking, Pressing, Oil Residue Separation.

The meal is highly appreciated thanks to its high protein content as animal feed, especially for large breeding. The most delicate point in case of insufficient decorticating is the excessive content of cellulose of the meal, which makes it indigestible for some animals (poultry and pork).
The sunflower oil contains approximately 1.5% of lecithin (phosphatides) as main part of the unsaponifiables. Separated before neutralization, it is re-incorporated into the extracted meal.
In the unsaponifiables of the sunflower oil, the waxes also represent a fair amount. Those waxes, at cold temperature, are quite insoluble in the triglycerides and have a tendency to precipitate, which gives the oil a turbidity aspect, which is detrimental to marketing even if waxes are not contrary to the intrinsic value of the oil. As the waxes come from the shells, it points out the importance of the decorticating, and the latter is counterbalanced by the fact that a certain amount of shells are necessary for a good prepressing and by the oil loss through the entrained seed.
The waxes can be eliminated from the oil by winterizing. Different processes have been developed in that respect, dewaxing by centrifuge after neutralization, dry winterizing with or without filter aid.

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  • Sunflower Seeds Dehuller
  • Sunflower Seeds Pressing
  • Sunflower Oil Production Process

1. Cleaning & Weighing Section
Sunflower seeds from daily bin or warehouse is treated by magnetic separator, weighing scale and screener to remove impurities.
2. Cracking & Dehulling Section
The purpose of softening is to adjust moisture, temperature and tenacity of sunflower seeds before flaking.
3. Flaking Section
The purpose of flaking is to flake the broken flower seeds into thin flakes (from 0.3 to 0.35mm) for the subsequent oil extraction through mechanical pressing. In addition, flakes thickness can be adjusted through roll pressure adjustment device.
4. Cooking Section
Horizontal Drum Rotary Cooker is designed to adjust temperature and moisture of sunflower seeds flakes prior to mechanical pressing, improving oil yield greatly.
5. Pressing Section
Sunflower seeds is a kind of high oil-containing oilseed. Generally it is necessary to extract a portion of oil by mechanical pressing prior to subsequent process. Pressing cakes containing residual oil from 14% to 18% is then treated by solvent extraction while crude oil is to be filtered.
6. Oil Residue Separation Section
Due to high content of residue in crude oil, it is necessary to separate oil residue by oil drag conveyor firstly, crude oil then enters to settling tank for further separation. Collected residue is returned to pressing section while crude oil from settling tank is pumped to horizontal screw centrifuge or leaf filter for further removing impurities.
7. Cooling Section
Hydraulic turning cooler with complete set of wind network system is designed to cool down pre-pressing cakes to 55~60℃, then cakes is conveyed to the extraction plant.
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  • General Layout Plan: With a land prepared, the next thing you should consider is planning the general layout, which is a crucial foundation of a sustainable and cost-effective manufacturing. Turn to us for help and we will present you the design for your plant by considering water, steam, electricity supply and etc.
  • Process Design: Combining our engineering expertise, industry know-how and practical skills with your knowledge, we provide the optimized and customized process design for your plant.
  • 3D Plant Design: On the basis of plant layout design, combined with real situation, we can design a three-dimensional model of the entire plant. All the equipment, piping and instruments, any detail can be shown in the model, not only allowing you to have an intuitive understanding of the plant, but also providing overall information support for plant construction, equipment installation and future expansion.
  • Automatic Control System: We offer economical and most effective process automation solutions for the entire production line. Our RES automatic control system is developed based on PLC/DCS system.
  • Data Integration: From the perspective of the overall operation of the factory, Myande intelligent data integration management system collects basic data from raw grain procurement, warehousing, processing, inventory, sales and logistics, relying on the interconnection network system of each workshop. It provides real-time, accurate and traceable data reports for the current storage, processing and shipping.
  • Equipment Manufacturing: We owns in-house manufacture base of more than 100,000㎡ integrating R&D, production, project management which represents advanced engineering capability in the industry.
  • Installation and Commissioning: After finishing the installation of all machines, we offer on-site commissioning service to ensure compatible functioning. Every move of the machine needs strong technical support from our experienced engineers. The only principle is that you can start manufacturing right after the commissioning.

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